About Danish Design Festival 2019

Danish Design Festival is initiative uniting major Danish design events and organisations. Taking place in locations across Denmark from 1 May to 13 May 2019, the festival will promote and celebrate diversity in Danish design and craft through exhibitions, experiences, talks, conferences and awards.

It will encourage open debate around Denmark’s thriving and internationally respected design sector, foster collaborations and uncover fresh talent, as well as spotlight new solutions for industry and create business opportunities.

Bringing design events together

Denmark is well known as a centre of design. By bringing Denmark’s various design events and organizations together, the intent is to demonstrate the breadth of innovation and expertise that can be found within Danish design communities.

The partners of the Danish Design Festival have joined forces to create a platform that will elevate Danish design and craft while also making it more accessible to both professionals and members of the public.

The festival will celebrate the diversity of Danish design, covering social design, service design, design thinking, tech, digital design, design icons and new experimental craft among many other disciplines and sectors. It will also help demonstrate design’s ability to create value and contribute to economic growth, as well as its potential impact on quality of life and cultural identity.


Danish Design Festival was founded in 2017. The steering committee includes Danish Crafts & Design Association, Designmuseum Danmark, Design denmark and Trends & Traditions Copenhagen.

An open alliance of design organizations

Danish Design Festival is an open alliance. All organisations with a design agenda are welcome to take part in Danish Design Festival and become associated partners, helping to shape the future of the initiative alongside the founding partners. Danish Design Festival invites all potential partners to attend and contribute ideas for future editions of the festival.